Laser hair removal

Description : Whether for a face where there is a darker down or full of good hair is called hair follicle that repel almost immediately after a shave.

The results will satisfy your need of a woman and a man of softness and sensation of freshness by going directly to destroy the hair follicle with the help of the laser light or the pulsed light thus of your hair. We will bring you to no longer have hair permanently.

What is interesting about laser hair removal is to observe a total loss of your hair: you get a soft and silky skin at all times! As soon as you arrive, the technician invites you to fill out your client health form, then to carry out a complete analysis of your skin and your hair. A time will be reserved for your questions. All our devices are approved by Health Canada and the FDA. They also have a wavelength performance that allows for very conclusive and fast results in safe ways.

No more black spots on your skin even when you are freshly shaved. This treatment being directed more toward the woman also concerns the man. Whether for a man's back or a complete torso at all times be comfortable in your men's sweaters. Do not have a rough feeling to the touch.

For high hairiness caused by excess hormones or to remove unwanted hair, our Cutera CoolGlide Nd YAG Long Pulse Laser Technology travels up to 1,064 nm deep. Thus a deep hair follicle will be immediately grasped for a definitive result. We also use BBL pulsed light technology that filters light for a targeted wavelength that allows for permanent and safe hair removal. We also work with the 750 nm alexandrite and diode so we have a variety of devices to meet your desired results. Our quality equipment ensures a 100% success rate and our treatments are suitable for all skin types, regardless of hair color and density, and are approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Technical: progressive definitive method. The bright laser vessel absorbs the hair's melanin in order to destroy the hair (hair follicle) permanently. The technique is very safe and suitable for all skin colors with our advanced technologies and approved by Health Canada and FDA.

Goal : in one session, get 50% of visible results.

Session duration: varies according to the region treated.

Maintenance : sessions at 5-8 weeks, for a total of approximately 4-8 treatments (estimated).

Discomfort: very little.

PRE-TREATMENT: it is important to arrive freshly shaved for your session, no self-tanning, deodorant or moisturizer on the treated area.

FOLLOWING TREATMENT: no immediate exposure to the sun and / or tanning booth. Avoid hot bath, spa, sauna directly after your treatment. Wear loose clothing to avoid irritation on the treated area. Avoid rubbing on the shaved area.

Goodbye hairs!

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Laser Médic Spa

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