Pulsed light

Description: Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL) is a safe and non-invasive approach to hair reduction, which uses light pulsations, which focus on the hair follicle so to remove the unwanted hair. Intense pulsed light uses light across a broad spectrum, with filters that will target the dark pigment of unwanted hair. Because the hair is directly removed at the root, the chance of regrowth is very minimal. If the hair regrowth, it will often be thinner than before, however, like all types of treatment to remove hair, permanent solutions never offers a guaranteed result. Approved by Health Canada, this method of hair removal is very safe and results are sustainable.

Intense pulsed light hair removal can only be used on light skin as the light from the device is attracted to dark pigments and may cause scars on darker skin. However, more advanced laser hair removal devices.

Thanks to today's modern technology, you can now take time for yourself, relax and forget the hassles of daily hair removal. If you want a soft and hairless skin, then intense pulsed light hair removal or laser hair removal are ideal solutions. Maybe you'd rather spend less time on your daily beauty treatments than you do? Then intense pulsed light hair removal or laser hair removal may be the right way to go. Whatever type of hair removal you choose, the hair will be a bad dream.

Number of sessions : 6 à 12 traitements aux intervalles de 6 semaines.
Discomfort : little, snapping sensation of elastic.
Effective : sur peau claire et non bronze.



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