Vella shape cellulite treatment

Description : The Vella shape is a device with Elos Md technology (electrolytic synergy). This is a technique that is truly revolutionary because it includes four specific technologies including infrared, bipolar radio frequency conduction, aspiration of the epidermis and the deep massage called "palpated rolled" . With these technologies grouped together, there is no other result than a healthy-looking, smooth-looking skin.

We also have another procedure for women who really want to lose weight by including Vella Shape combined with Cellotherm having several recognized technologies in dermo-aesthetic treatments: infrared, suction-suction-kneading and radio frequency . Infrared light generates heat and radiofrequency stimulating the metabolism of fat and promoting the elimination of stored fat in cells. Used in the case of water cellulite and localized weight loss, this technology allows you to lose centimeters in the desired areas (abdomen, hips, glutes and thighs). Our team focuses on your profile and your particularities to certify that this is the ideal treatment for your figure.

Since our 15 years experience, Vella Shape will and will always be the treatment par excellence with regard to cellulite.

Goal : eliminate the greasy masses difficult to lose, tone the body, eliminate cellulite and repuplate the silhouette.

Discomfort: very little.

Number of sessions: between 4 and 10 at the frequency of 1 to 2 times a week / on a consultation.



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