Permanent makeup

Description : Permanent make-up is a very precise process where a pigment is used which is introduced into the dermis of the skin using a small specialized device called a dermo-graph.

Goals: Define the facial features by adding a more feminine side, correct the asymmetry of the lips and eyes, fill a lip that has lost its natural color or create a deeper and denser look. 

Duration of the session: about 1h30 per region.

Maintenance : after the initial treatment, it is necessary 4 to 5 weeks later.

Holding the makeup: between 3 to 5 years old.

Discomfort: very little since it is done on local anesthesia.

Define your eyes and lips with permanent makeup that will last almost a decade. After consultation, we create a sketch and after approval of the client, we reproduce the features on the skin. A natural line of the color of your lips will give a plumping effect or reduced to your mouth. It is also possible to correct the outline of a lip to better define it. We can add a mole where you want it for a touch of glam. As for your eyes, the permanent make-up accentuates, lengthens, thickens, smoothes and especially you avoids the hassles of a line of badly affixed rimmel!

Permanent makeup helps correct and hide certain aspects of your skin such as burns and scars. Do you fight breast cancer or have breast reconstruction surgery? More than a treatment for facial features, permanent makeup redraws and pigments the areolas of the breasts following a reconstruction operation and healing.

Our salon is located in Lorraine (only 10 minutes from Laval), but we have a clientele from everywhere: Terrebonne, Rosemère, Blainville, Sainte-Thérèse, Mascouche, Mirabel, Saint-Jérôme, Sainte-Rose, Boisbriand and Fabreville.

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